Registration is open – early-bird fees are valid until 23 April

All the conference fees are now updated on this site. Note that the deadline for ’early-bird’ registrations is due no later than 23 April 2023. The conference organisation puts great effort into making the conference affordable to a wide audience.

You can participate onsite or virtually

The event will be organised in hybrid mode. Conference days Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 June will be held onsite in Turku. All the parallel sessions (keynote speeches) will be streamed online for the virtual participants. Friday 16 June will be held exclusively in virtual mode. We encourage onsite attendance, but also welcome virtual participation for both authors and attendees.

Join us at the Conference Dinner

In the evening of the first conference day 14 June you are most welcome to the conference dinner at the Restaurant Grädda, which is located in a historic environment by the river Aura. Tickets for the dinner can be purchased online during the registration process.

Be early-bird with your hotel reservation too

We have reserved a quota of hotel rooms close to the venue Turku School of Economics. The reservations will be made on “first come, first served” basis. On this site you can find some tips for affordable accommodation too. Do make your hotel reservation as soon as possible since the city of Turku will be fully booked due to a number of different events in June 2023.

Reminder: Call for Papers, Posters and Workshops open until 31 January

We thank you all who have already submitted an abstract to the conference! For others, note that the abstract submission is open until 31 January 2023. Simple form to be filled in with your 300 word abstract plus keywords. Do let us know at the same time if you will meet us onsite in Turku or if you rather participate virtually.

We are looking forward to see you in Turku or online in June 2023!

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