Welcome to the 23rd Futures Conference ’Empowering Futures’

The forthcoming Futures Conference focuses on the futures of democracy, trust, power and responsibility.

These topical issues will be tackled in an interdisciplinary way, putting emphasis on the perspectives of futures research as well as social, political, ecological and economic development. The theme stems from the ongoing security and economic policy situation as well as from the environmental threats, which create instability all over the world. The conference will elaborate general sustainability and resilience challenges in current turbulent situation of the world politics.

Call for Papers and Posters will be available in October 2022 and abstract submission starts in November 2022.

The forthcoming event will focus on questions such as:

What kind of impacts climate change, green transition or security threats and wars could have on the democracy?

How current and potential democracy gaps will be fulfilled?

How do we empower futures, why, and whose futures?

How to create sustainable and responsible innovation, service and industrial eco-systems in Finland, Europe and in the rest of the world?

What does responsibility mean for developing businesses, platforms and business models?

What is the contribution of futures research in identifying risks and building sustainable futures?

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Call for Papers and Posters

We invite interested contributors from universities, research institutes, companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations to submit their abstracts for the conference.

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